Our products

Whether you need consultation for drinkable or used water pumps, water treatment systems, residential, commercial, industrial or municipal, we have what you need.In addition, you will find accessories related to our products.

Water treatment

– Water softeners and custom filters
– Ultraviolet systems
– Metering pumps for chemical injection
– NSF / WQA Gold Seal certified resins and filter media
– Residential and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems
– Cartridges and boxes
– Quick couplings
– Cleanable filters
– Fiberglass retention tanks
– Ultraviolet replacement lamps of several brands
– Brine tanks
– Neoprene skirts with custom logo
– solenoid valves in brass, PVC or stainless steel
– assay kits and reagents
– Repair and maintenance parts for softener control
– Cleaning products and much more …


– Submersible pumps for drinking water
– Centrifugal and jet pumps
– Effluent and Sewage Pumps for Wastewater
– Circulation pumps for heating
– Pumps for fountains and water gardens
– Diaphragm pumps 12, 24 and 120 VAC for RV or chalet
– Pumping set for drainage or waste water
– Controllers with variable speed (drive)
– Booster pumps

– Ect ….


– Pressurized tanks made of fiberglass, metal or stainless steel
– PEX fittings (standard and push fit)
– Threaded and insert fittings made of brass, stainless steel, PVC, galvanized steel and nylon
– TWU electrical wires
– Quick couplings (cam lock)
– Suction and discharge hoses
– PEX, polyethylene (carlon), PVC SCH40 and SCH80 pipes and geothermal pipes
– Self-regulating heating cables and connectors
– Foot and line valves
– Pressure regulators made of brass and stainless steel
– Above-ground polyethylene tanks for water supply
– Simplex and duplex control panels for pumping system
– Accessories of all kinds for pump installation (collets,
sliders, torsion dampers, electrical tapes, teflon, ropes,
manometers, well covers, seals, pressure switches) and many more …