Distribution DUP Inc., hereafter «DUP», is a legal person specialized in the distribution of pump systems, water treatment systems and plimbing accessories.

This policy specifies its commitments regarding the protection of personnal information.

Within the meaning of the Act respecting the protection of personnal information in the private sector, chapter P-39.1, personal information is any information making it possible to identify a physical person.

If you disagreee with terms of this policy, you must not navigate on the informational or the transactional web site.

Scope of the policy

The Personal Information Protection Policy applies to all DUP activities, including the informational web site https://dup-inc.com/?lang=en and the transactional web site https://unipompe.acombaecommerce.net/en

1. Consent

Except in the cases foreseen in the Act, DUP will always request your clear, free and informed consent before any of your personal information is collected.

The consent you give is valid only for the duration and the purpose for which it was requested.

2. Respect of the principle of purposes and proportionality of the collection

In the context of transactions made via the online store, DUP may request from you some personal information for billing, payment and delivery purposes, or for customer service purposes.

In all circumstances, DUP takes reasonable measures to ensure that the personal information that its collects is adequate, relevant and not excessive.

3. Access to personal information

People who are not regular employees may be hired by DUP to accomplish diverse functions such as the provision of technological services. These people may have access to your personal information while accomplishing these functions, and for no other purposes.

Distribution DUP Inc. does not sell, transfer or disclose your personal information to third parties.

4. Storage of personal information

Your personal information is treated and stored in Quebec. if a transfert of personal information outside the province of Quebec were necessary, this transfert will only occur if we assess that the information will benefit from an adequate protection.

The transfert will also be subject to appropriate contractual adreements.

5. Security of your personal information and of your banking information

DUP takes reasonable measures to protect your personal information.

For the transactional site, DUP relies on security mechanisms available on the ACCEO Solutions Inc. platform, which hosts its online store. You may consult the ACCEO Solutions Inc. privacy policy via this link: https://www.acceo.com/en/privacy-policy/

However, you are reponsible for ensuring that you use a robust password for your account on the transactional site.

6. Use of cookies

DUP’s online store and the informational web site use cookies. Except for the cookies that are necessery for the functioning of the site, your consent will always be requested for cookies used for performance, audience measurement, monitoring or other purposes.

7. Right of acess and rectification

You have a right of access and rectification regarding the personal information collected in the context of the use of the «Distribution DUP» online store.

When you have a user account, you may yourself make the changes.

In all other cases, you may communicate with the person responsible for the protection of personal information at the email address dup@dup-inc.com

8. Duration of the storage of personal information

DUP stores your personal information during the period necessary for the transaction or for legal requirements.

At the end of this period, DUP is committed to destroy the personal information or to anonymize it, in accordance with the best practices generally recognized, to use it for serious and legitimate purposes.

9. Contact details for the person responsible for the protection of personal information

Any request regarding the protection of personal information be addressed to:

Care of person responsible for the PPI
767, rue de Saint-Romuald
Lévis (Québec) G6W 5M6
Email: dup@dup-inc.com